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Essentially the DEPT. of Education neglected to give all the details.You should have lots of options available, as Nurses typically qualify for at least one or two forgiveness programs.Depending on when you took out your loans, you may be qualified to start using PAYE right away.

Obama Student Loans Forgiveness Program 2017-2018

It all depends on what your career is, what your specific position is, what your actual job duties are, and whether or not you can convince the people who service your loan that you should qualify for the benefit.The Pay As You Earn plan sets your monthly Federal student loan payments at an amount based on your discretionary income.So is the forgiveness based on lowering payments based on my income.This is a great service providing clarity to people about debt forgiveness smoke and mirrors.

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Most of the federal debt relief programs stipulate that they are only available to loans that are not in default.

Reply Mathew August 17, 2016 When will be able to know that there will be tax forgiveness.Will the upcoming reauthorization of the Higher Education Act talks see the re-introduction of these cuts in benefits, or are they really out of consideration for good.My youngest child has seen first hand what this has done to her sister, and wants NO part of college.The Corinthian network collapsed under the weight of Federal investigations responding to rampant abuse allegations, which is a great thing, since this system posed massive potential to continue inflating the ever-growing student loan debt bubble.In fact, I received several emails from Sallie Mae regarding these new changes.However, like you mentioned, that comes with a big tax bill, and under certain circumstances, it can end up making loans more expensive in the long run if things go awry.

For additional details, please view my recent Blog post about the Student Aid Bill of Rights.I tried to talk her out of it but since she was 18, I couldnt forbid her to borrow that money.I have been back and forth with Sallie Mae since February over my repayment terms.The best part about this new change to Federal student loan disability benefits is that the Government is going to get proactive about informing eligible borrowers about the opportunity.Under current law, if your loan is older than October 1st, 2007, then the Income-Based Student Loan Repayment Plan (IBR) is likely to be the most affordable of the 7 Student Loan Repayment Plans available to you, capping your monthly student loan payments at 15% of discretionary income.

Gina January 1, 2014 You have to go directly to your loan provider to apply for an IBR Income Based Repayment plan.

How to qualify for Obama's new student loan forgiveness...

Reply kendra paylor April 16, 2016 hello I sign up for it last yr.

These old financial gambles need to be resolved because they are the major sources of the American student loan crisis.She lives off me, and I am working my ass off to support us both.I was always being downsized from companies and I wanted to go into the healthcare industry.If you have private student loan debt, then please visit my page about Private Student Loan Debt Relief, or Private Student Loan Debt Forgiveness benefits.Reply Tim Marshall December 16, 2016 Hi Paul, What is the IDR plan.Since that time, I have been in default, pulled myself out by consolidating and I have struggling to pay ever since.Accordingly, your student loans from 2002 will not be eligible for the 10% monthly repayment cap, but you should still have access to the traditional 15% cap and you might qualify for one of the other existing income-based student loan repayment plans.Reply Jodie January 10, 2015 Thank you so much for responding.

The process of consolidation took 4 to 5 weeks and it was done.Thank you for visiting, and thank you so much for your consideration.I might have been able to have a child, which was the motivation for me to go back to school.We have had to declare chapter seven bankruptcy and we had to short sale our house.

Do you have any facts about interest accrued during forbearance while in the ICR Plan.I chose to go there (university of Illinois) because of its great reputation and high percentage of job placements after school BUT nothing is guaranteed.There should NEVER bee a fee of any sort to take advantage of any of the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.I returned to school to try to do something productive with my life, but the pressure was more than I could handle.Critical Reception American society has always pushed higher education as an important step in becoming a respected, productive member of society.

How Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness Works

If you are able to reply to my questions, I will look out for your answer Tim.Eventually, you will be able to leverage PSLF and have your loan discharged.Fortunately, that should happen this year with the Higher Education Act Reauthorization.Reply Tim Marshall June 6, 2014 Hi Danielle, I agree completely.